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June 04 2008
Posted by christelle  [ 09:16 ]
Perfect Gift My name is Josh I am 21 and I live with my girlfriend Ashley and her best friend Pamela. Ashley and I have been dating for 5 years. She is the most beautiful girl ever. She is 34-24-36, 5’5” and her hair was straight and black. Pamela was 5’3” had black hair measured 34-26-32. Ashley and I were very sexually active and she was very much bisexual so it was no surprise that the 3 of us had had a lot of threesomes and group sex. Ashley was very comfortable with me being sexually active with her friends as long as she was involved.

There was a long weekend coming up and Ashley had invited her friends studying in the West coast to stay the weekend with us. 4 of Ashley’s friends were coming down. Kiya, she was 5’4” with brown hair and measured 34-26-34, Farah 5’5” had blonde hair with streaks and her body was 36-24-32, Simone was 5’6” with long black hair, blue eyes and measured 32-24-34 and Rebecca was 5’6”, 36-28-36 with brownish black hair. All these girls were nothing short of HOT!

To be honest I had the dirtiest thoughts running through my head. I had been with all these girls many times but it had always been either threesomes or foursomes but nothing larger except for one occasion in the past. These girls were really kinky and bisexual. Rebecca had a boyfriend but he had no idea bout her cheating with the girls and me every time she visited. The other girls were all single at this point in time.

The girls were going to be staying over the weekend of mine and Ashley’s 5 year anniversary (dating). We she invited the girls I thought she had completely forgotten and I was kind of disappointed. But I never said anything. I had planned a romantic night and booked a suite in the four seasons for the night with a bottle of Champagne and a king size bed covered in roses.

When I heard about her friends coming I figured that the hotel would not happen so about a week before I canceled the room. I think Ashley overheard me but I never mentioned anything.

Saturday was our anniversary and on Friday Ashley and I were driving to the airport to pick up her friends. Pamela had decided to stay back. On our way to the airport there was a slight awkward silence. So Ashley turns to me and kisses me on the cheek and says don’t think I forgot about tomorrow! I have booked a table about our favorite Italian restaurant, L’Ateler de Joлl Robchon a month ago. I smiled back and was so happy that she remembered.

We reached the airport jus seconds before the girls exited the airport. We got out and greeted them and stuffed their bags into the trunk and drove back.

We all hung out in the apartment the first night and had a few drinks. As it struck 12 midnight Ashley and I went for a walk and I gave her a white gold necklace with a diamond heart pendant and she told me I would get my gift the next day at dinner. I just figured that she had either ordered something and I had arrived yet or she hadn’t finished making the gift.

As we got back the girls had already crashed all over the place so the 2 of us did not get any privacy so we decided to call it a night. I was reluctant but Ashley promised that she would make it up to me tomorrow. So we just fell asleep in our room along side a passed out Simone.

Next morning we were woken up by the girls serving Ashley and I breakfast/lunch in bed. It was really nice of them. I spent the next few hours in the gym and playing soccer while the girls went out shopping. By 9:00 p.m. we both were ready for dinner. I was wearing jeans, white shirt and a blazer. Ashley was wearing this steaming green and black dress. We reached the table by 9:30 and enjoyed an amazing meal as we spoke about all the wonderful years together. As we finished up desert and called for the bill Ashley whispered something to our waiter. I asked her what she had told him and she just smiled back at me. As she did so she slid her leg up higher against mine. She leaned in and told me that she re booked our suite and she just put the check on our room tab. She called immediately and un-canceled our suite. I was lost for words.

She told me that it was time for my surprise and gift now. I thought the room was both but she said that she had something much better planned. She blind folded me in the elevator and led my outside of out room door and walked me inside. She told me leave the blind on until I was told to do otherwise. I ‘heard Ashley’s footsteps walk away from me and then I heard another girl’s voice saying “Welcome Sir”. Then I felt someone’s hand undoing the blind fold. It was Simone dressed in a skimpy French maids costume with the black stockings, white gloves, lil white bow and even the feather duster. She looked incredible. The room was huge. There was a living room and a bedroom that were separated by these sliding doors that opened the room into one bigger room. The living was all I could see at this point there was a piano along side the dinner table with 4 wooden chairs. Facing the T.V. and the full length window was a huge couch with 2 matching chairs and a coffee table. As I looked at Simone I did not know what to say but “Hi”. Simone replied and said “I am yours and do with me as you please master”. She asked me to follow her so that’s what I did. I thought she would be taking me into the bedroom to where Ashley would be but instead she walked me to the couch.

Simone told me to have a seat so I obliged and sat down. By this point I became more comfortable and decided to play along. Simone began to dust near by me and bend over in order to either put her cleavage in my face or her tight ass. Since she was wearing under her skirt I got a clear look. She kept on tempting me so after a few minute of restraint I could not hold back any longer. The next time she bent over I spanked her ass good. She exclaimed “wooooo.. Sir” I held her bent over and began to spank more frequently. She then turned to me and bent in front of me. “I am a naughty maid sir?” Simone asked me in a seductive way. I replied “You’re the best maid Sim”. Simone giggled and undid my pants and boxers. Simultaneous I undid my shirt and I was sitting bare naked on the couch. Simone then exclaimed “ooop… It is so big sir”. With that she engulfed my cock in her mouth and slowly bobbed her head. She began to stroke it with her hands as she began bobbing faster. Simone deep throated it and put almost 6” out of 9” inside her. I grabbed the back of her head and made her bob faster and rougher. After my cock was dripping wet I stopped her head from bobbing and raised her from kneeling on the floor. I kissed her and undid her naughty costume except for the heels, stockings, gloves and hat she was naked. She then pushed me back onto the couch and said “You are a very naughty master”. As I was sitting on the couch she climbed on me and positioned her wet pussy. She slowly lowered her crotch over my hard and wet cock. She moved her body up and down slowly at first as she did so she would say “oooo sir”, “ooooop that’s good master”, “ummmm soo good master” and “punish me sir”. This jus turned me on more and I would begin to thrust upward faster and grab her by her hips and slide her down on my shaft harder. I would be letting out many moans of pleasure and so did she. She had the tightest pussy I had ever fucked as tight as a virgin’s pussy. It felt like my cock was going to tear her vagina so I prevented myself from thrusting too hard. But Simone called me on by saying “ummmmmmmm… more Sir… give it to me now. So I could not resist and i began going deeper, faster and so she was now screaming in pleasure as she was going reach her climax. “Yes sir …. God yes… Sir, sir, sir…. Teach me… I’m so dirty… I’m a filthy girl sir… Oh yes… YES… YEAH oh YESSS… SIIIIR…Yes SIR, give it to me… I’m going to cum sir! YEEEEAAA!” Simone screamed as she came while riding me. I felt her pussy throbbing against my cock clamping it even tighter. I felt my cum building and I was going cum any second. So I pulled out of her, she kneeled in front of me and she took my cock kissed the head of my penis and stroked the shaft. I instantly moved behind and shot a huge load onto her face. Simone closed her eyes and her face was covered in cum. My cum stretched from her all the way down to her neck. She wiped the cum of her eyes and most of her face. She then stood up caught the feather duster in her hand and dusted my penis and exclaimed “oooop… hehehehe”. “Follow me sir” Simone said to me. I started to pull my boxers back on but she put her hands in the way and smiled. She walked me over to the dinner table and sat me onto one of the wooden chairs. I was butt naked and blind folded again. I could hear the door in between the living room and bedroom slide open and shut.

As the blind fold was removed I saw sitting on the chair was Rebecca, dressed like a school teacher. She was wearing a black silk blouse, a long pint stripe skirt with fishnet stockings both were black and wearing a pair of square frame glasses. Sitting beside Rebecca was Kiya, dressed like a naughty school girl in uniform. Kiya was wearing a checked mini skirt and her top was a buttoned shirt that the sleeves were cut and the ends were tied exposing her bare stomach. Kiya also had a tie matching her skirt. I looked over my shoulder too find Simone still undressed with bits of cum in her hair sitting on the couch behind and watching.

Kiya walked towards Rebecca and said “Hello Mrs. Scott, I have been a naughty girl haven’t I?” Rebecca replies “We are going to teach you a lesson… isn’t that right Josh?” I just grinned and said you have been very naughty Kiya”. Kiya then crawled up onto the table which was waist level to me and she was kneeling on all four. Rebecca lifted up Kiya’s skirt and spanked it real hard. Kiya let out some heavy moans and also kept saying “teach me a lesson”. Rebecca then stopped and undid her blouse while Kiya turned around and positioned her pussy right in front of me and said “I have been so bad”. I replied “I know baby” and slid my hard cock a few inches into her already wet pussy. Rebecca was now fully undressed and she lay down flat beside Kiya with her legs spread. Kiya and Rebecca began to kiss and play with each others amazing breasts. Kiya’s were nice and perky while Rebecca had the best breasts; they were the biggest and firmest. As I was thrusting gently into Kiya’s hot vagina the sight of the girls kissing made me want to thrust faster and deeper so I did it. I started going in almost all the way and was thrusting as fast as I could. Kiya was not used to being fucked rough so she was having a rough time and letting out really violent moans. Kiya was screaming out “Oh God… Oh my... Please please please… oh yeah oh yeah… Josh fuck me good… right there please”. I had found her spot that was going to make her cum so I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and really began to thrust well. I knew she was going to have a massive orgasm so I tried to be as gentle as possible and then it happened. Kiya burst out in an orgasm screaming “YESSSSSSSSSSS… Oh YESSSSSSSS… Josh yeah! I’m CUUMMING!” as she did her entire body was twitching and her hands lost support of the table and even her knees gave way. So I pulled out instantly to relieve her. Rebecca had been grinning and playing with herself watching Kiya and I. Rebecca then got off her back and sat on the chair in front of me. My cock was throbbing and dripping with Kiya’s juices. I wanted her so bad but she sat in front of me with folded legs and nothing else on except her glasses. I then was a little confused so I said “is everything alright Rebecca?” Rebecca slammed her foot down and said “it is Mrs. Scott to you”. I then apologized and asked if there was anything I could do to make it up? She replied by saying “depends on what you can do with that monster” and smiled. She arched her back resting her hands on the chair she was sitting on and placed her legs wrapped around my waist. I was instantly inserted inside her pussy which did feel more experienced. I grabbed her by her hips firmly and started to thrust my big, hard cock in and out of her. As I fucked her harder, her huge breasts bounced all around. So I was so tempted that I leaned over and sucked on her erect nipples. Rebecca then exclaimed “ummm…good boy… suck my big titties… you like that don’t ya?” To which I replied “So very much Mrs. have the best tits”. She then began to get really wild and moved back and forth in synch to my thrust. Both of us moaned and groaned louder I began to bite down hard on her tits. Both are orgasms were growing and we got really close. First Rebecca came while screaming “Josh give it to me good… fuck your teachers pussy…ummmm God… God… Oh God… FUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!” As I was about to burst I pulled my cock out and instinctively put it into Rebecca mouth. She then bobbed her head hard and fast as Kiya crawled down beside Rebecca. I shot a good load into Rebecca’s mouth “oh God yes Mrs. Scott” were my words when I came. I could see her gulp a bit the rest she kissed Kiya and swapped with her. Kiya swallowed very little and let the rest drip down her naked body.

As my cum dripped of her steamy body they both got up and walked to me with big grins and Rebecca said “did you like that?” as I was about to reply out of the bedroom came out Farah dressed as a sexy police officer. She was wearing a black mini dress uniform with a badge, a police hat, a belt with handcuffs and was wearing black glares. She shouted out “you’ve been a very bad lil boy”. I replied while stammering “What you going to do about it?” So then she hand cuffed my right to her left arm and dragged me into the bed room. In the bedroom there was a king size bed, a desk and a cushioned chair. Next to the cushion chair was a tall lamp to which she now handcuffed me to. She then slapped my back and told me to I was filthy. She then blindfolded me again and I wasn’t even able to take it off. Farah then said “Do as you are told and you will be just fine.” I heard her unzip her dress and mental pictures of her naked raced trough my mind as I had seen her naked several times before. I imagined her in nothing but her glares and hat on as she pressed her body against mine and bit my lower lip. Farah then licked down my chest. I could feel Farah hard tits against me and I wanted to grab her head and make her suck my cock but my hands were cuffed. Then what happened next I was not ready for. I felt her ass cheeks rub against my cock and I was very hard. Farah spread her ass wide and let my cock into her asshole. It was dry but so very tight. Only half was in when I began to thrust. Her moans were soft but violent. I felt her ass cheeks shake with every thrust and heard her moan and say “give it to me Josh”. She reached her hand over and removed the blindfold and I saw her bending over and I was slamming her tight ass. Her moans got louder as my thrusts got rougher. She reached her hands over and placed them on my ass cheeks. As the thrusting got more violent Farah exclaimed that she was going to climax. I also was getting close and was about to cum. Her moans were naughty and so loud that the entire floor could hear. I looked over to notice that Kiya, Simone and Rebecca were still watching on as we fucked. Farah was getting violent and close to climax so she dug her nails into my ass cheeks and was screaming very loudly “JOSH BABY GIVE IT TO ME… SOOO GOOD… OH FUCK ME! HARDER BABY… FUCK MY THIGHT ASSHOLE… SO FUCKING GOOD BABY! OH yeah! JOSH, JOSH, JOSH! IM CUMMING!” with those words I felt my cum building and about to pull out when she said “cum in my asshole” as though she had read my mind. I was ready to cum when I screamed “yes! Farah! Farah! Farah... Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” and I shot my load into her asshole. As she stood back straight the cum dripped down her thighs. I noticed that her ass cheeks hard turned red! Farah then turned to me undid the cuffs and said “that’s a good lil bitch!”

Farah then shoved me onto my back on the bed and walked to the couch with the other girls and looked on at me. I lay there not knowing what to expect next. But out of the Bathroom came Pamela dressed as a slutty nurse. Her costume was a white mini dress with red stripes and a zipper down the middle of the entire dress. Pamela’s costume also had a white cap with a red cross, shin high white boots and a stethoscope. She walked to me and placed the cold stethoscope on my chest and moved it lower slowly. As she moved downward she said “oh dear you don’t look so good”. She then placed her stethoscope on my cock making it harder, she grinned and said “I’m going to have to take care of that”. Pamela unzipped her dress and was in only her boots and lil hat. I got of the bed and kissed her, my hands moved all across her back and I grabbed her amazingly firm breasts. Pamela then grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly. She then commented “ooo it is so hard… let me take care of you”. Pamela inserted my cock into her pussy as she climbed on top of me and had her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock was completely penetrating her wet pussy. Since Pamela was living with Ashley and me. We had had sex many times in the past with and without Ashley so we were both very comfortable and knew what the other wanted. So I inserted it steadily and fiercely. My hands we placed firmly on her ass in order to hold her up and my thrusts were not very efficient as we had never been in this position before. So Pamela directed me “ooo Josh you almost got it baby, higher, higher… ooo yeaa. Right there… perfect Josh!” I found her perfect stop and I went to town. My thrusts got harder and deeper. My movements were more efficient and are orgasms were growing. Are bodies were dripping with sweat but even her juices were lightly splashing over my stomach. I was loosing grip of her body as I was getting close so my movements were hindered. She noticed that and since she was also very close she encouraged me “ohhh god Josh… its perfect baby.. Almost there.. please! Please Josh… yes…! Josh a lil more!.. yea!! I’m CUMMING!!!” she screamed and leaned back. I gently placed her off and she bent down onto her knees. She placed my cock in between her amazing breasts and I squeezed them together. My cock was throbbing and I was not going to be able to last a second longer so I warned her “I’m going to blow my load baby!” She just grinned and said “spray my tits”. I blew a long load that hit her chin and rubbed it off on her red perky nipples.

Pamela just grinned and said “all better.. hehe”. I looked around and saw Kiya, Rebecca, Farah, Pamela and Simone looking at me with strange smiles and then I felt someone’s hands covering my eyes from behind. I could only guess that it was my girl Ashley. As I guest it was her she took her hands off my eyes and turned me around and I saw her dressed as a old age princess in a brown dress with golden design across the top and was a strapped back. She was in heels and her dress had a slit running from her waist to the bottom and she was wearing a sliver tiara. She looked like the princess from ancient Rome or Greece. I looked at her and just blurted out “WOW”. Ashley just smiled and giggled back. Ashley then placed her hands on my shoulders and said “are you ready to serve your princess?” My reply was “anything for her heiress”. We kissed and her hands moved down my body and grabbed my semi hard cock. I untied her dress and it fell on to the floor. She pulled back and pointed me to the bed to which I obliged. I was lying on my back and was waiting for her to straddle me. But to my surprise she said the she had learned something new for tonight. With that she arched her back on top of me I was kneeling in front of her and I inserted my cock awkwardly into her pussy, it was very tight and so wet that when I was thrusting it almost slipped out. My cock was ramming her pussy deep and hard but she wanted it even faster so I tried my best to drive my cock in and out as fast as I could. Ashley was moaning louder as I pounded her and I rolled on top of her and my penetration went as deep as it could. She was now screaming so loud that she the neighbors were knocking on our wall, she screamed “JOSH JOSH JOSH JOSH JOSH.. FUCK give it to me… give it tooo me good… OHHH just like that! Perfect baby… oh GOD yes JOSH!” So Ashley then bit her lips to keep herself from screaming. I slowed my motion and Ashley’s moans were starting to soften. I leaned over and grabbed Ashley’s breasts as I began to speed up again. To prevent herself from screaming anymore Ashley bit on to my shoulder to keep her moans down. I soon felt her pussy clamping up and her knees starting to twitch. But even I wasn’t going to last any longer so I told her I was close and I was going to cum. I asked her “where do you want it baby?” She replied “shoot it in me baby”. But I had no idea that she was going to cum just that second and She let out a huge moan “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” and squirted her juices on my cock. I then shot my load into her instantly and I exclaimed “YESSSS ASSSH!!”
That was the end of me. I could not move another inch so I just lay down on the bed and passed out.

Next morning I woke up on the king size bed spooning Ashley and saw next to her were Simone, Kiya, Rebecca, Farah and Pamela. I kissed Ashley and whispered to her “thank you for the best gift”.
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May 08 2008
Posted by christelle  [ 08:17 ]
Naughty secretary caught by hidcam This is a little long But True.
First of all, my name is Lisa, I am 5’5, brown hair, brown eyes. My chest is 36D, and I have a very sexy ass. I love to wear thong panties and if all the propositions I get are any indication, I am very cute. I keep my pussy shaved clean and I am almost always hungry for sex.

My husband told me very early in our relationship that he had a fantasy of eating a woman’s pussy after another man had fucked her. I sat on the edge of the bed next to him and asked him if he meant with a condom or without, and he told me without. I thought it sexy. He had never done this before and I immediately wanted to make this fantasy come true for him. My husband and I have a deal that I have to tell him if I fool around. I did do this soon after for him but that is another story, this is about the ten inch cock I had on a relaxation trip. I needed some rest and as I left, my husband Ed told me I should fuck around if I got the chance. I told him it probably would not happen because there was no one where I was going, that I wanted to fuck, but if it came up I would think about it.

I got to my friend’s house and I went out with some friends to see a college game at a bar and we rode four in a truck that could barely fit three. The fourth person was this guy I met that day, Matt. He was about 6’2 and a body builder, well built with a 6 pack and a tight body, not to big, baby blue eyes with sand blond hair in a crew cut. He was wearing tight jeans and I could see his package, I licked my lips, and felt pussy get wet when I saw him. We drove up and watched the game and had a few beers. After a while he started grabbing my ass and as I was already wet I gave in quickly and we started to make out. I could feel his tongue caressing mine and he was squeezing my ass. When the game was over we headed home, the drive was about two hours and I sat on his lap with him squeezing my ass and caressing my pussy through my jeans the whole way back. My pussy was soaking wet. He came in and we fooled around a little more and he was gently caressing my breasts as he kissed me I was ready for cock, we went and got in the hot tub and we made out there for a little I sat on his lap in the hot tub and I could feel his big cock pushing against my pussy. I wanted to go inside and get busy but he had to leave because he had to work the next morning. I was disappointed but gave him a goodbye kiss.

I called my husband as soon as Matt left and told him all about my day and that my pussy was hungry for cock. I told Ed I had looked at his cock when we got out of the hot tub and I could not believe how long it was. It was at least ten inches long maybe longer and it was nice and thick. My husband’s dick is thicker but this guy was about 4 inches longer. I did not know if I was going to fuck him or not but I had enjoyed myself and Ed was quite excited. I went to bed and fell asleep quickly but I was horny and I woke up that way also.

Matt came over the next day after work and we all ate some BBQ for dinner and then my friends went up to play on their computer before sacking out. I decided to bake cookies and in the midst of baking Matt and I began to make out there in the kitchen until the phone rang and it was my husband. I just told him I was busy baking and I would call him back later. I knew that he would know something was up since I did not talk to him. As soon as I got off the phone, Matt started rubbing my pussy through my pants and grabbing my ass. Matt and I went into the front room (where I was sleeping) and we immediately started making out again, he started feeling my boobs while I stroked his big cock through his jeans. He seemed kind of nervous so I unzipped his pants and helped him out of them. His cock sprang out and a little drop of precum peaked out of his hole. He only had on his T-shirt now and I dropped to my knees and started kissing it a little and then I started sucking it while I stroked his balls with the ends of my fingers. I wanted to take as much as I could but I could not get the last couple inches. I did suck him for a while though. (I love to suck cock) then I stood over him and stripped for him, I slipped my panties off last which I handed to him. His cock was rock hard and my pussy was so wet my lips were wet with dew.

I put a condom on him and it was a few inches short, about 3 or 4 inches. This made me even hotter, I knew his cock was nice and big and I wanted to take it all. We were on the floor by now, so I sat on his cock, slipping it into my wet hole. I bounced on it for awhile then laid on the floor next to him with my legs spread open.

He came over and looked at my waiting pussy for a moment and then slid between my legs and pushed his cock in my hot pussy, I was moaning and enjoying his cock, I gasped as he pushed it all the way in. It felt wonderful, I could feel him deep in my pussy. He fucked me for a while that way and then I begged him to let me role over and for him to fuck me doggy. I love to have my ass in the air, submissive and waiting for a hard fucking from behind.

He got off and I flipped over, he was pushing his cock in as soon as I got on my hands and knees. This was a good man, he was big and he had stamina. He fucked me hard doggy for awhile until I rolled over once again so we could both cum that way. I had already come a couple of times, and now I was ready for the big one.

I could see his cock was wet from me. I could see my pussy juice on his cock and a lot was at the base of his cock so I knew he was fucking me with the whole thing. Matt pushed his cock head into my hot wet hole and then shoved it all the way in with one push and I gasped again. It felt good, he started pumping me very hard and I could feel his balls slapping my ass. I was groaning in ecstasy and I could feel a big orgasm coming and I begged him to pump me harder and faster. He fucked me like a jackhammer and I started to cum very hard, I gasped with pleasure and then I buried my face in his shoulder to keep the noise down. I was still cumming in little aftershock quakes as he continued to fuck me. He pulled out and whipped off the rubber and came on my stomach. I laid there with cum on me and he was looking at his handy work.

He grabbed his T-shirt and wiped his cum off. We got up and he got dressed and left while I went to take a shower. After that I called my husband and told him all about it. I told him he could not jack off because I wanted him to wait until the next day when I got home and he could shove his horny cock in my pussy.

When I got home my husband stripped me naked pinned me to the bed and sniffed my pussy. He said he could tell a big cock had been in my pussy, but he could not smell sex on me. He then ate me out and after that fucked me slowly while he made me tell him the whole story with every little detail until he flooded my pussy with his cum.

I was proud that I had taken all of his big cock and when I’m in town I still look him up. My husband likes to hear this story and fuck me silly.
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Posted by christelle  [ 08:15 ]
Gym 2 I so need to confess what I have been doing for a long time! But I will tell you, can you keep a secret?
GOOD! Well for the past few months, I've been a naughty girl! I cant help it, I guess I've become addicted to it. Oh, sorry you must wonder what im talking about. Well let me tell you from the beginning.

I've always been curious about my best friends, Rachel, life. We used to talk alot, but lately things have changed. Ever since she met Justin, she has been sorta well distant. Justin is her NEW BOYFRIEND! Being the fact that im curious, I have been going through her stuff when she leaves to work, and I found a diary. I was iffy about reading it, but hey why not, a peek or two wont hurt. RIGHT?

June 23, 2002

Dear Diary:

Tonite I spent the most fantastic time in my life. I spent time with my Justin, I think Im falling inlove! Oh diary, and if I am? I still can feel his touch, the way he caressed by breast, kissed my lips, stuck his tongue all into my love juices! He is the best lover I have ever had. Diary, oh Diary, he is BIG, oh he is!


Thats a lil piece of her journal entry...if you would have read the rest, you would die! She gets all graphic and stuff. ::wait i guess you might have liked that stuff:: HEHEHE ahhh maybe another time I will tell you the rest of what she wrote.

I would read her diary daily every since I read that entry! One day I almost got caught! She had walked in when I was placing the diary back into her panty drawer. I had to make an excuse and say that I was looking if I mixed up my laundry with hers, and she bought the lie! I continued reading her diary, until one day I decided to sneak a peek, at this so called Justin!

This is how my addiction started!

I told Rachel that I was going to go out for the evening, and I wouldnt be back home til late. She invited Justin over for some dinner. As he got there, I was out of the door. Around 11 pm, I was tired so I decided to go back home. But before I went to bed, I wanted to let Rachel know that I had gotten home. As I reached her door, I heard noises, I looked in throught the crack of the door, which she left open. I looked in and saw her riding Justin. He had a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE COCK! It could of been maybe 10 inches. Maybe even better if I had gotten a better look. He was touching her tits, telling her to ride his cock nice and hard! Rachel kept on moaning.

I was so excited by watching this, I felt my panties get wet. I was so Horny! I slid my hand down into my pants...and i felt the wetness. I started touching my pussy. It felt so good! Nice and wet! I looked into the room and kept watching Rachel and Justin screw. I stuck a finger into my pussy and fingered myself real nice and fast. I was about to CUM, felt so nice. When I looked back into the room, Justin was eating Rachels pussy, and I just imagined it was me getting my pussy eaten. I wanted Joey to eat my pussy like that. Rachel just layed back and played with her hard nipples. Hmmm...I even wanted to eat Rachels pussy, since I was so turned on by what I saw!

I took a seat on the floor and spread my legs and played with my clit, watching them! Justin grabbed Rachel and turned her over, and rammed his dick into her ass! The bitch loved it, she loved getting her ass rammed!
I started fingering my pussy again this time nice and fast, imagining it was his cock inside of me!

I should be ashamed by watching my best friend FUCKING this guy, nahhhhhhhhhh fuck it, I LOVE TO WATCH!

I love to suck a mean dick, mmm...the taste of a hard dick in my mouth is the best. ::GIGGLING:: I wanted to suck Justins cock til he came in my mouth! I would swallow him WHOLE!

Want more? Theres is much more? But with your permission I will continue this. So let me know, and I will get into much more detail! Muahz
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In a gym I had just watched my wife kelly have sex with my freind ray it was arranged by us and we enjoyed it very much. Ray was away so we havent had time to arrange it again so my wife suggested calling a builder around while i hid somewhere so i could watch them. The first builder we called was nice but kelly never liked him so we called another one out but the same thing happened. we were about to give up when there was some road works being done outside our house. the guys were all typical rough and ready types and kelly liked one of them. so when she had the chance i hid in the hallway and kelly asked if the guy (john) wanted a drink he said yes and she invited him in. he washed his hands and they chatted for a while about the weather and other silly stuff. i could see kelly really trying to flirt with him she kept brushing dust off his shoulders he made a comment about how nice she looked then she kissed him. he groped her tits while kissing her and she slipped her hand onto his cock. she asked him if he would like to go upstairs and i ran up there fast and hid in the guest room. she led him into our bedroom and he lifted he top off and sucked her tits. she pulled her jeans off and he stripped completely. i had a very good veiw through the gap in the door. he layed her down and started to fuck her then he turned around and she climbed on top of him. he was feeling her tits while she was bouncing on him then she leand down and kissed him. she screamed she was coming and at that point he came as well. they layed there for a while just chatting then he got up and left. i asked kelly if she enjoyed it and she said that she enjoyed the thrill of trying to get him to fuck her as she really loves to flirt. we had great sex that evening. the next day i was off work and there was a knock at the door. i looked and saw it was john and he had a young guy with him. i told kelly to answer it she wasnt sure at first but i hid and she answered it. john said hi and kelly let them in. john had brought his freind who was about 18ish an they both looked at kelly.john introduced his freind. i knew wot was going to happen. kelly kissed john, and his freind (paul) went behind her and kissed her neck she turned around and kissed paul. john pulled off kellys shirt and bra and they both sucked her nipples. i was hard and wanking at this point. after they stripped kelly completley they pulled there cocks out and kelly went on her knees and sucked them both off. paul went behind her and fucked her doggie style and john came in her mouth. then she layed down and paul entered her and fucked her hard she was screaming with delight then she came.paul pulled out his cock and came over her belly. at this point i came too just seeing my wife fucked by two rough guys turned me on so much i wanted to join them but i didnt want to scare them off. after a while they had drunk there coffee she made them and they just chatted. then as they left they both kissed her and groped her and then said goodbye. when i came in i was hard again so i fucked my wife on the floor. about two weeks had past and i had just finished work early and i found my wife having sex with john and paul again they both looked shocked and got up and left i said to kelly that she should have told me about it then i would have let them carry on but i think they got a bit worried. anyway my wife has agreed that i could have sex with another women while she watched and then joined in. so hopefully when ray gets back we can try to ask if he and his girlfreind wants to stay the night. we will tell you about that if it ever happens
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Morning shower After twelve years of marriage, my wife, Lara and I, were facing disaster. We both enjoyed each other’s company, and most of the big things; career, finances, and family, were not an issue. We decided long ago not to have kids, so we could concentrate on our careers. The problem was sex.

Lara was raised in a conservative religious family in a small town. Despite her staggering looks, which attracted me in the first place, she was always uncomfortable with sex. We were both 35 now, but the combination of her 35C breasts, perfectly shaped legs, and beautiful face with full lips always attracted attention. Unfortunately, she purposely dressed in a dull, frumpy way, with collars to her chin and usually pants, to avoid that attention. And the few times I suggested anything mildly different in bed, she said she just wasn’t comfortable experimenting with sex. We were down to very routine screwing, once every two weeks or so. Both of us were wondering how much longer this could go on. I was completely frustrated after years of getting turned on by her spectacular body, only to be limited to the same thing in bed.

Finally one evening at home over dinner, I opened up and told Lara I thought we had to at least try something new, or consider marriage counseling. After some discussions, she agreed for the first time to watch an adult video with me. The next Friday night, I carefully selected a film that received high ratings from women: some explicit sex, but not just a bunch of banging. After dinner and some wine, I set up the film, and as I laid back on the couch, Lara reclined with her back to my chest. There were about seven sex scenes, and during the second, I started rubbing under Lara’s breasts.

One of the greatest turn-on’s about Lara is her tits. They’re not overly large, but when she gets excited, not just her nipples get erect, but the whole areola. I’ve looked at men’s magazines my entire adult life, and I’ve only seen three or four women whose nipples react like that.

In the third sex scene, the film became more explicit. The guy in the film took out his huge cock, and the actress started sucking him. I could feel my wife become more excited. She said she had never watched anything like this before, and with her prudish upbringing, I knew she was telling the truth. By the end of the film, I had her shorts off, and had brought her to two orgasms with my fingers. When it was over, we had a session more excited than in several years.

A few nights later at the dinner table, Lara said she was really turned on by the film, and wanted to watch it again. We repeated the whole thing the next night. Part of the film plot involved the woman becoming totally submissive to the man. I noticed that Lara became especially turned on at that section.

A few weeks later, our sex life was a little improved, but not much. After a depressingly routine session, I told Lara it was time to take some more drastic action to solve our sex problems. She became very quiet for a few minutes, and then said, “You have a birthday coming in two weeks. For my gift to you, that night I’ll do what we saw in the movie.” I asked, “You mean, give me a blowjob?” This would have been a great step forward. In twelve years of marriage, Lara had only put my dick in her mouth three or four times. Once she told me she just felt guilty doing it, and she knew it was because of the way she was raised. I didn’t want to push her to do something she didn’t like, so we just cut that out of our lovemaking.

“No,” she said. “I mean I’ll be your slave for the night.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My shy, prudish wife was talking about submission. I couldn’t help but smile. Her shyness took over for a minute, and she said, “But not until your birthday.” I said, “That will give me some time to plan.”

The following weekend, I had my birthday wish in mind. It required one major day of work. Our house has a laundry room next to our master bedroom. On Saturday, I cut a large rectangular hole in the wall between the two rooms, over the head of our bed. Lara thought I’d gone crazy, but I just said, “This is part of my birthday present.” I then installed a one-way mirror, so that as long as a light was on in the bedroom, I could see in from the laundry room without being seen. I also installed a sensitive microphone near the floor, so with headphones, I could hear everything in the bedroom. Lara had a worried look on her face, but her innocence kept her from realizing what I had in mind.

As the next week passed, I became more nervous with anticipation. Finally, my birthday arrived on a Friday. I could tell we both had butterflies in our stomachs. Before I left for work that morning, I said, “Sure you don’t want to take back your gift?” With a little bit of worry on her face, she said, “I made a promise, and I’ll keep it. Your gift begins at 8:00 p.m.”

That night at the stroke of 8:00, I told Lara we were going out for a nice dinner. I told her to take a shower. When she stepped out, I dried her gorgeous body, gave her a robe, and told her to do her hair and makeup. We both had a glass of wine as I watched her do her eyes and lips, much sexier than usual. Then I laid out some clothes that I had spent a few hours that afternoon picking out. First I had her put on black stockings with elastic garter tops, something she never wore before. Then a deep blue silk blouse, just a little low cut. She looked at me wondering about a bra, but without a word, the look on my face told her that wasn’t allowed. The blouse wasn’t see-through, because I knew she would be too self-conscious, but I could see her nipples pressing out against the thin material, and when she walked, her breasts bounced fabulously. I chose a black skirt, a few inches above her knee, and black high heels a little higher than she had ever worn before. It was also the first time she wore a skirt out of the house without panties. She looked stunning, and by her kiss I could tell she was excited.

We went to a small five-star hotel restaurant for a leisurely dinner. A few minutes after we came in, two men, late thirties, in business suits sat at a table nearby. I could see both of them catching glances at Lara, and I knew she saw them looking. After about twenty minutes, I told her, “Now my birthday gift starts. I want you to pull your skirt up higher. Don’t look at those two men because I want them to get a good look at you.” Lara bit her lower lip, but did exactly as I ordered. We talked a little, and I saw the two men throwing glances at her great legs. A few minutes later, I said, “Higher, above the top of your stockings.” Lara looked both worried and excited. After a short hesitation, she adjusted in the chair, and with her legs crossed, lifted her skirt above the stockings. I let the two men look for about ten minutes and by now they were staring. The waiter came to our table and got a good look at Lara’s legs also. He had a sly smile on his face as he walked back to the kitchen. Then I said, “Now, I want you to slowly lift up your skirt, uncross your legs and spread them a little, so these two men can see your pussy. But don’t look at them. Then you can slowly cross them again.”

This time, Lara turned red, and I reminded her of her promise. Then, after a deep breath, slowly she uncrossed her legs. Her skirt was already high enough that I’m sure her pussy lips were clearly showing to the two businessmen. She must have had the feeling, “Well, it’s done now,” so she let them look for a good 45 seconds before crossing her legs again, much longer than I expected. My dick grew hard watching her, and knowing these two men were getting a good look at Lara’s cunt. Just then our main courses arrived, and we took time to finish a great meal.

After I paid the bill, we got up and Lara said, “Wait ‘til I get you home.” I told her, “Honey, my gift is just beginning.” I had a detailed plan in my mind.

Outside the restaurant, I told Lara we were going to the hotel bar-lounge. This was a real luxurious place, and I knew the lounge always had a great quiet jazz trio and an upscale business clientele. “But,” I told her, “we’re not going together. I want you to go to the ladies room for about fifteen minutes, and come in after me. Then don’t sit at my table, but instead on the couch nearby me. If anyone decent looking wants to join you, say yes. When I leave the room, you go to the bathroom again.” Lara’s eyes were big, and I directed her to the ladies room.

I went in, and everything looked comfortable. A Friday night, so there were several customers, mostly men in business suits. Lara came in, and several heads turned her way. She sat as I instructed. Before long, a man in his late thirties, handsome and trim, came up and asked if he could join Lara. She glanced at me, and I gave a small nod. She quietly told the guy he could join her. I was close enough to hear their conversation. His name was Dave. He was from out of town and had just finished several days of meetings. He’d be flying home tomorrow. Lara told him her husband was out of town, and she had come to unwind with a drink after a long week at work. After a few minutes, I thought she may have forgotten about me nearby, and they were having a friendly conversation about restaurants in town.

Two glasses of wine later, I watched Dave put his hand on my wife’s knee. She must have known what I wanted because she didn’t push it away. Another twenty minutes, and I could see Lara didn’t know what to do next. Just then, Dave made his move and asked her to come up to his room. I stood up, and heard Lara say, “I need to visit the restroom.”

Outside the bar, we went in an alcove and I gave Lara a deep kiss. She said, “Can we go now?”

I answered, “You’re my slave, and we’re not done yet.”

“I’ll do as I promised,” she said.

“You bet you will, or I’ll give you a good hard spanking so you can’t sit for a few days. Now, go back in there and tell Dave you won’t go to his room, but he can come to your house.” There was a flash of fear in Lara’s eyes.

“I can’t do that,” she said.

“Okay, we can just end it,” I said, a little angrily.

Lara looked down, and quietly said, “Okay. I made a promise. I’ll tell him.” She was clearly scared, but I could also see something I’d never seen before: sexual excitement.

“Now follow these two orders. He can’t touch you until you take him to our bedroom. And leave the light on.” I gave her another kiss, and I could feel her lips quiver.

I stood outside the bar where I could see both of them. By the look on Dave’s face, Lara followed through and asked him. While he asked for a bill, I quickly walked to the car so I could get home before they did. It was only a fifteen-minute drive. I parked several houses away, went in the house, and set myself up in the laundry room. I sat there thinking, “What if he takes her when they’re still downstairs? What if he turns off the light?” My heart was pounding.

After what seemed hours, but was probably only about 25 minutes, the two of them entered the bedroom. Both were still fully dressed. I fit on the headphones.

Dave took Lara’s elbow from behind, turned her around, and gave her a deep kiss. I could see his tongue darting in her mouth. After a short hesitation, Lara put her arms around his neck and gave into his kiss. Her tongue was answering his. Next he ran his right hand from the back of her waist, up her side, and cupped her breast. I could see her nipples become erect, and the bulge in Dave’s pants grew. When Lara gets excited, her legs become weak, and I could tell she was having trouble standing.

After several minutes of kissing, Dave turned, sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me, and said, “Strip. But slowly.” Lara, facing both Dave and me, waited a few seconds, looked down, and slowly pulled the blouse out of her skirt, then up over her head. Her breasts were excited, and I could tell she was both nervous and hot. Then she unzipped the back of the skirt. With a little pause, she let it drop, and her soft pussy hair was uncovered. Next she started to take off her shoes, but Dave said, “Stop there.”

Dave stood up, and slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt. As I thought, he was in great shape. In a few smooth moves, his shoes were off, and his slacks and boxers dropped to the floor. His cock was a good two inches larger than mine, and by now hard as a rock. Then Lara almost made me cream right off. Without Dave saying anything, she walked to him, turned him sideways to the mirror, dropped to her knees, and took the head of his dick in her mouth. Slowly, she started moving it in and out, and he gently stroked her hair. Here was my prude wife, who wouldn’t do anything provocative for the past 12 years, jamming the cock of a total stranger in her mouth.

I could tell Dave came close to exploding twice, and the second time, he stopped Lara just in time, took her by the shoulders and from behind, walked her to a chair facing the desk next to our bed. He kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her tits for a few minutes, with his prick against her ass. Then he said, “Take two steps back.” Lara obeyed. “Now spread your feet apart and put your hands on the back of the chair.” Lara followed his command. Dave walked up behind her, took his cock in his hand, and started rubbing it up and down her cunt. Lara turned her face toward me, but had her eyes were closed and mouth open, obviously lost in excitement. Then there was a quick jerk, and I knew Dave had pushed his cock head into her. He started pumping her from behind with his hands on both sides of her waist, and I could see his wet cock each time he pulled back. Their pace built, and Lara’s moans were getting louder. Finally, he was pounding into her, and his hips began to jerk in orgasm. This brought her to climax. Of course, I had my meat in hand, and I came along with them.

They both kissed for a while, and Lara got a towel to wipe the jism running down her leg. They lay on the bed chatting, kissing, and fondling each other. After ten minutes or so, I could see Dave’s cock coming back to life. Their kisses became more passionate, and he placed her on her back on the bed in front of me. He pulled her legs, still in the black stockings, above his shoulders, taking her ankles in his hands. I watched as he plunged his big dick down into my wife’s pussy, and she closed her eyes and began to move her hips with his. They both lasted about ten minutes before coming this time.

Dave and Lara fucked six times that night. After the fourth time, Dave turned off the light, and for the last two orgasms, I just listened, but this still brought me off.

At 4:30 AM, Dave left for the hotel because he had an early flight out. Lara put on a robe, and told me she gave him a goodbye kiss at the door, knowing the neighbors wouldn’t be awake at that hour.

We waited until Saturday evening to have sex so Lara could recover, but by then Lara was uncontrollable. She started me off with a good dick sucking, and said she had enjoyed my gift as much as I did. I told her I never came so hard as when I watched her with Dave. We both still had the jitters from the excitement. Dave could have been a jerk, or violent, but instead he turned out to be the perfect gentleman. Lara said he gave her his office phone and e-mail address, and she could find out when he was coming back to town. I said the only mistake I made was not video taping them so we could watch it again. Quietly, Lara said, “Maybe we should correct that next time.” I only smiled.

After 12 years, our dull marriage took a complete turn. Now I was married to a shy, prude, but we both knew that a confident woman who loves sex was just under the skin.
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In cafeteria She saunters in wearing a slinky black leather body glove, which plunges daringly low to reveal her voluptuous breasts. The gentlemen who have gathered to witness her exhibition are instantly aroused by this sultry vixen. As the others watch, one man stands and approaches the woman, and asks her if she's ready. Of course she is...she is there! He leads her towards a table where all sorts of toys are spread before them and he turns her around with her ass facing the others. He runs his hands over her body and soft moans escape from her. Unexpectedly, he smacks her ass, causing her to jump and tighten her muscles. He rubs his hand over the same spot to soothe the sting. Within moments he smacks the other side and she clenches her butt together again. He knows this is making her hot, so he continues alternately rubbing and striking her for a short while. To give the guys a better view of the effect of this, he leans her over further and unzips a short hidden zipper that reveals just her ass bud to them. He pulls the fabric apart and the guys huddle closer for a better look as he smacks her once more. They see her sphincter ripple with the convulsion and are eager for more. He reaches down between her legs and opens yet another zipper so he can get to her hot pussy. She gasps as he slips a couple of fingers in to coat them with her cum, then quickly removes them and closes the opening. He's more interested in her ass at the moment and glides his moistened fingers over her puckered opening, spreads her cheeks as far apart as he can, then rudely stuffs them up her ass. She lets out a muffled groan and pushes back on his fingers. He can feel the convulsions of her inner muscles clasping around his fingers and he smacks her ass again with his free hand. The rippling is so intense inside her, he knows that her pussy must be dripping by now. He doesn't want her to get off this early, so he pulls his fingers out, leaving her breathless and wanting more. Just to keep her ass on her mind, while they move onto other areas, he takes a small vibrating dildo, turns it on low and touches it to her skin. When she pushes back against it...he pulls it away and asks her how bad she wants it. "I want that in my ass, please," she replies. He takes his time taunting her with it, sliding it in a little then removing it...then pushing it in a little more until it is totally encased in her rectum, then he closes the zipper. The slow vibration isn't enough to satisfy her - actually, it teases her more than anything, increasing her frustration. He can see the effect it is having on her and is pleased. He turns her around so she is sitting on the table, the vibrator still buried in her ass, and opens the zipper at her pussy. They all can see that her pussy is painfully swollen and her clit is engorged and protruding. This causes their cocks to throb with anticipation of sinking them into one of her hot caverns. He glides his fingers lightly down her slit causing her to shudder with anticipation. He kneels down in front of her and places his hands on her knees and spreads them wider then runs his hands along her thighs until they converge at her dripping lips. With his fingertips, he presses in firmly on each side and opens her up. He can smell her scent and leans in to lick the sweetness from her. She swivels her hips at his touch and hunches closer trying to get more. He pulls his face away and reaches around her for a large dildo. He holds it to her mouth and she submissively opens her lips and rolls her tongue over the tip. They grin at one another with the memory of his cock being bathed in her mouth. He takes the fake cock from her greedy tongue and presses it against her clit. She rocks as he rolls it over her swollen nub. With his free hand, he parts her lips again and runs it along the length of her. She can feel it gliding past her wanting opening and she tries to capture it. He knows her tricks and purposely denies her the satisfaction. She squirms around, still feeling the low pressure of the vibrator in her ass, and is almost in a frenzy when he unexpectedly penetrates her with the dildo. Her loud cry is one of pleasure at finally having her pussy filled. He turns on the vibration mechanism on that toy as well, this one at a high speed, and plunges it with such intensity it causes her to spew her cream within moments. Her body thrashes and shudders until the floor is saturated with her juice. The other men are engrossed in the scene and when they see her cum flood the floor, their cocks swell and throb against their pants. They can't take any more of this...they have to get in on the action. As they move in closer, she sees that they all have released their cocks and are stroking them. Her primal desire to have all her orifices stuffed with cock at the same time overwhelms her. She moves to the floor and positions herself on her hands and knees and begs them to fuck her. They don't hesitate to please her and soon she feels the zipper at the back of her suit being tugged open and the vibrator that's been invigorating her ass slowly withdrawn, replaced by the tip of an enormous cock. While his buddy is getting into position to bang her butt, he lays down on the floor beneath her and once again rims her pussy with his tongue. He knows she loves a good tongue-fuck and he's just the man to give it to her. His mouth finds the silken inner walls slick and tasty as he probes and sucks the remaining cum out of her. He hears her moan and feels her push backwards against the cock that's drilling her asshole and bites on her clit at the same time causing another flood of cum to run from her pussy. Her ass is stretched so wide she can't decide if what she's feeling is pleasure or pain, but she is soon oblivious to everything but the intense delight. He moves out from under her to kneel in front of her face and exposing his drooling cock to her hungry mouth. The other guy takes up his vacated position and quickly plunges his cock into her pussy. He knows she is full when her loud groans radiate around the room. With a deep, lunging gulp, she devours his oozing cock with her mouth. He makes her look into his eyes while she takes his thrusts deep down her throat. She feels his cock jump with pleasure as the heat and wetness of the insides of her cheeks surround it. Her ass and pussy are being pounded and her body is filling with tension and soon she looses control and explodes. Cum gushes from both her pussy and her ass as the two cocks imbedded there drench her with their hot lather. She draws even harder with her muscles, and rims her tongue feverishly over the hot spots of his sensitive cock. She feels his ass tighten up and he thrusts steadily, pulling against the vacuum inside her mouth. She clenches her jaw down onto his cock and quivers as he shoots his delicious cum down her throat, garbling her screams of ecstasy as every part of her body spasms. She collapses into a heap, her body twitching uncontrollably as the guys look from one to the other, stunned from the intensity of the experience.
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